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A day in the life of the doodle...
Thanks for visiting my website! I'm so popular everywhere I go that people take my picture or ask my mom and dad to take their picture with me so I thought I would add a gallery of some of my favorite photos!  

Now that I am the 2014 Westchester Magazine winner maybe they will name a bark park after me or rename Westchester, Bogechester!  Ill have to ask dad to talk to Rob Asterino about that. 

My dad says I'm a babe magnet and he should have gotten me when he was single. Whenever mom comes out of a store there are tons of people around me and dad asking if I am a sheep or a polar bear (or if I'm looking for a mommy which I'm not). They take me everywhere so they say "Goldendoodle" a lot!

A day in the life of a doodle...
Seeing what my bitches are doing on facebook
Diving doodle...
My new brother,Oliver
Trying to make a newfie-doodle
Diva Doodle now that I'm famous!!
  Mom entered me in The Westchester Magazines Pet contest and I won! 

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped
to get me into the magazine!
During a break at my Westchester Magazine photo shoot where my paws are clean!
Call me "Mr Westchester"