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A day in the life of the doodle...
A day in the life of a doodle..
About me
When my dad came to pick me up (as a surprise for mom) I was 8 weeks old and weighed 8 pounds... Now i'm 6 and weigh 105! They came on a Saturday and mom loved me so much she came back to visit me on Sunday. Dad came to get me on Wednesday to surprise mom. The ride home was very traumatic because my dad did not read about what to do to make me comfortable. I don't think I should write any more about the ride home, dad will have to tell you for himself (but it did include pee, poop and throw-up).

My cute combination came from my (furry) mom who was a goldendoodle and my (furry) dad who was a standard poodle. They say I am a "designer hybrid" whatever that means, mom says it's an expensive way to get a lot of money for a mutt. My mom called me a double doodle but dad tells me I am Italian and that's why I like meatballs and cheese so much. 

I LOVE the cold weather and the snow. Sometimes I stay outside so long I have ice-balls attached to my hair (see my photo album!). They melt on the floor and mom has to mop up the water. In the summer she calls me velcro because everything sticks to me and falls off inside and she has to vacuum. Dad insists on putting mulch down and I LOVE ROLLING AROUND IN IT and making mom vacuum up after me! My other favorite thing to do is swim, they bought me a big pool that is just for me and I swim around in it until they make me come out.  I'll swim in anything - ocean, pond, jacuzzi, lake or pool... even a puddle.  I was once asked by security to get out the decorative pond in front of their building.  Mom was embarrassed when I refused and lounged under the waterfall instead.  My neighbor came out of the kitchen and found me lounging in her cold water jacuzzi once, mom said we're lucky she is a dog person cause the neighbors two houses behind us aren't (we found that out when I chased a cat through their yard and they yelled at me and mom).  

My dad takes me to get 'fluffed and buffed' every three weeks right around the time they start calling me 'stinky stinkerson'. Sometimes I've gone three times in one week!.  My mom says my hair costs more than hers.  My friends at PetSmart give me a wash and blow-out BUT when it's time for this doodle to get shaved my barber Jason (who owns Woof & Wash in Mount Kisco) does an awesome job!  He specializes in doodles so he knows what he's doing.

I LOVE going to gramma and grampa's because they have a great big yard with lots of woods and deer to chase. They drive me to camp or let me sleep over and buy me lots of toys and nummies.  They say I am the best grand-doodle EVER.  One night I thought it would be a nice surprise to go upstairs (even thought i'm not allowed upstairs) and stick my chin on gramma's bed at 1:30 am to show her how much I love her!  She asked me to show her after 9am next time.  Sometimes they are busy and can't hang out with me so I tell them they suck.