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A day in the life of the doodle...
A day in the life of a doodle... ® , ,
Snow days and dirty days!
Stayed a bit too long in the snow
The girls at Channel 12 news put this picture on TV!
Snow doodle of me!
Oh I got into trouble this day.  I chased my friend piper into their neighbors yard that was a mud pit.  It was February and cold and mom had a mtg!
Another romp in the mulch after a swim
Black and white cookie
I'm a black and white cookie
Rolling around in mulch after a swim
Taking a swim in some mucky water
My old little boy pool.... now my brother can have it!
Filling up my pool day!
On my boat in Candlewood Lake
On my boat in Lake George...
Me in my big boy pool!
Muddle legs and a yellow head from Aunt Di Di coloring my hair
Swimming in a park during a long walk