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A day in the life of the doodle...
A day in the life of a doodle... ® , ,
  • Weight:  Between 97 and 110 (winter I pack a few extra pounds)

  • Coat:  My hair is white and very long but sometimes it's shaved in the summer but right now I have a mohawk again. 

  • Interests:  Swimming, stealing gloves from people, playing tug-of-war, swimming, getting everyone to chase me, watching everyone eat, swimming then digging my face into the sand to mention a few... 

  • Training:  I know a ton of words!  yes, no, NOW, mommy, daddy, paw, up, nummies, outside, pee, poopie, water, toy box, sit, stay, come, fist pump, down, belly rub, Jewelry (collar and leash).  Mommy can leave a cheeseburger on the table next to me and tell me "NO" and leave the room and I won't dare touch it!  

  • Diet:  I eat BlueBuff grain free food that is made mushy by letting it sit in hot water for 15 minutes before being served.  Mommy ad's boiled chicken or filet mignon from Frankie & Johnnies in Rye and I yum yum eat it up... I have a lot of allergies but once in a while my gramma and grampa take me to Carvel for a vanilla soft serve!

  • Nicknames:  Bogie, BogieDoodle, Doodle, Muppet, Fuzzy-butt, Boge, Bug, Stinky-stinkerson (only when I miss a fluff & buff)

  • Experience:  I have a job as security at Jaz-Mar Carting and Mark's Towing in Thornwood.  It's a very important job and I get paid well!  I am so busy they even got me an assistant.

  • Misc: If I got a nummy for everytime a stranger asked to take my picture i'd be fat!